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Rosalie is angry that the Mafia families are meeting without her. One of the heads says she should go home and mourn the deaths of her father, uncle and fiance. She argues she was born into the family and has been at her fathers elbow ever since she was little. Another man states he's not going to work for a woman. She orders the guys she brought with her to kill him. After they do she elects herself as a new boss and gives everyone their first order of business. She wants the Punisher dead. 

Frank is still recovering from the injuries he sustained taking down the Carbones so he goes on a little hunting trip in Central Park. He's been out there the past few nights hoping to kill a serial rapist who's been working the bike and jogging paths. He hears a scream and rushes to investigate. 

A man, a woman and their young son are being mugged by four men. One of the muggers gets a knife in the back by Frank. They don't have guns so he doesn't risk a firefight and takes them out with close combat. He knocks down two more and uses the knife on them. The other one runs but is out of shape and Frank catches him then breaks his neck. 

Perched up in a tree now, he listens and waits. He spots four guys in the middle of a drug deal. He attaches a supressor to his rifle and shoots them. Two get it in the head and the other two through the heart. The bags with the drugs and cash each get an incendiary round. At 300 yards he's still got it. 

Soon after that he hears two more cries, a woman and a child. A baby has been snatched by a junkie looking to do who knows what with the kid. Frank cracks him in the face hard, knocking a few teeth out. He returns the baby to a couple and orders them never to comeback to the park after dark again. Then he visits the spot where his family was killed. 

Micro is working at a bar listening to the a woman yabber on and on about friends turning their backs on each other. The news is on reporting about a mob war on a tiny Caribbean island. The reporter goes on to say that important members of the Carbone family along with several European heads were murdered and that it may be the largest mob hit in history. The woman thinks Micro looks like a nice guy and would never turn his back on a friend. 

Back in the park, Frank thinks he's found the guy he was after but it turns out to just be young lovers fooling around. Up in his tree again he sees a young woman jogging all by herself. A large man tackles her but they are too close together for the Punisher to get a clear shot off. He hurries over and slams into the guy sending them both down a hill. The man gets up and runs for it. The Punisher is about to try out his ten millimeter he hasn't used yet when the woman yells at him to stop and announces that she is with the police. Frank has no choice but to drop his gun. 

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