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Part 5 of 6 
Frank is handcuffed to a steering wheel inside of a car, outside his garage in Brooklyn with a bomb in the passenger seat. 19 Seconds left on the timer and still no Micro. Shotgun is there though and he rescues Frank. The car explodes into a big ball of fire. Turns out Frank and Shotgun are old friends. Shotgun tells Frank he likes his style and they leave together after the Punisher grabs a few things.  
Julius is on his plane with Rosalie and some of his thugs. He thinks Johnny Tower is dead and we learn Mickey his being beaten for more information somewhere. Julius wants him dead when they land. Rosalie wants to know why she's there and Julius tells her that her fiancée will be there and they can spend some time together. She asks about her uncle Sal and Julius tells her he's on an errand.  
 Sal threatens a man for a ride to the city. When the man refuses Sal bribes him with  a gold Rolex watch. The trucker agrees. He asks Sal's name only Sal doesn't remember. After seeing it on a sign he calls himself Thorn.  
Mickey is a bloody mess on the floor and the mob guys working on him are looking for a good weapon to kill him with. The room erupts in an explosion. Shotgun and the Punisher are there to rescue him. They shoot through the thugs hands. They need them alive. Punisher wants to know where Julius is and has Junior, his nickname for Shotgun, watch the gear. They save Mickey and head out to the Carbone mansion on Long Island. We learn Frank and Shotgun are old war buddies.  
At the mansion, they shoot the guards at the gate with guns in Shotguns car and ram through. Shotgun blows a hole in the mansion and they storm the place. Mickey stays outside with the car. As the Punisher is gunning down waves of Julius' men, he thinks to himself that it's funny how the best guy Julius ever hired was him. Shotgun uses his glasses to see a few guys heat signature through a wall. He uses his big honking guns to blast away everything on the other side. Frank finds a guy who can still talk and the guy says Julius went to his island off the Yucatan. The Isla De Tiburon or Island of Sharks.  
Sal arrives at the mansion and finds the dying man the Punisher just got information from. The guy begs him for help but Sal, now calling himself Thorn, just shoots him.  
On the Isla De Tiburon Julius meets with the Europeans. Rosalie takes a walk with the man she is expected to marry. Julius takes all the guys to a special spot on the island. It's a small cove where groups of sharks gather. The water in the cove is oxygen rich so they can rest there.  
Punisher, Shotgun and Mickey are on a plane heading towards the island. 

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