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Unknown Animals (to each other)

Though I have little experience with the Punisher, I am slightly aware that this is more of that tamer late '80s, early '90s Punisher, the one less beloved by the "real" Punisher fans, when he was less of a sympathetic character and more of a heartless dispenser of street justice (i.e., vigilante homicide). As with most series, Punisher War Journal has its share of supporting characters who may not make any sense to audiences showing up for the first time (as was my case), but that doesn't affect the main story too much or detract for enjoying the story. The villain is a nameless Texas capitalist, which borders on the stereotypical, but the issue holds up fine. It's basically a collage of Jurassic Park stories, but it doesn't get sappy. That's partly because two of the most ruthless killers in the Marvel Universe are in this issue, and they are both tracking heartless animal slayers. They don't know each other, they don't recognize each other, they both are after the same thing, but as often happens in the Marvel Universe, heroes try to beat each other up. Despite being on vacation (by leading a dinosaur-hunting expedition into the nether-regions of the Congo), Frank Castle somehow angers Wolverine and only one of them walks away.

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