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Frank Castle is back.   The Punisher shot himself in the head and has now been brought back to life in this issue.   Frank confronts his past and deals with the ramifications of his life’s actions.   He is trying to find his way barely remembering his past and confronting angels and demons some literally and some figuratively around what feels like every corner.  

The Punisher has been brought back to life in this issue and he doesn’t know how or why.   He doesn’t remember how he died or how long he has been back.   He’s using weapons that he’s never used before and has no idea how he came upon them.   In his crusade to stop scumbags gunning down drug dealers and beating up an abusive husband all the while wondering what happened to him.

Mean while a demon is killing angels absorbing there powers.   Frank encounters one that survived the demon’s attack and told Frank to see Gadriel for the answers he needs.   After tracking Gadriel to a seedy bar he finds out that Gadriel is an angel.   Gadriel tells him that he failed in his duty to protect Frank’s family the day they were killed.   The Punisher pulls out a gun and tells the angel to pray.        

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