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1993 Annual that originally came sealed with a card. All 1993 Marvel annuals introduced a new character. The card included featured the new character Eradikator. This annual contains three stories and five pin-ups.

The pin-ups included were by Andy Wildman and George Wildman; Ken Branch and Jason Temujin; Ken Branch; Scott Kolins and Ken branch; and McDuffy and Josef Rubenstein. The first four were colored by Sue McTeigue. The last pin-up was colored by Kevin Somers.

Death Metal

by Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, Dave Hoover, Ken Lopz, and Daisy Deputhod

When Frank's discovers that one of his war buddies has been killed, Punisher uncovers plot to do away with the rest of his friend's family. Punisher must protect the next victim before Eradikator 4 gets to him.


by Stephen Grant, Shawn McManus, Ken Lopez, John and Kaalisz

A New high-tech gun has been designed and Punisher must stop it from falling into the wrong hands.


by Chuck Dixon, Dale Eaglesham, Pat Redding, and Richard Starkings

Knocking off gangsters isn't always easy. Punisher is pursued by gangsters after a recent hit.

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