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A little girl dead. By his hand. A line the Punisher swore he'd never cross. Now the hooded men who have been preying on the little Mexican town have something more to worry about. Frank Castle has never had less to lose...or more pain to dole out.

Frank Castle, The Punisher has been asked by the people of a mexican farming town to get rid of a group of murderers who have been terrozing the poor community and kidnapping its women. Frank has started this mission fast and hard. He has killed several enemies already, but hes hit a snag. hes made one big mistake. Upon opening fire wildly in a rumored drug cartel, he discovers, to his shock , a little girl, dead at his feet. The Punisher is in for one hell of a Reality check. one that could mean the end for the vengeful killer.

Summary (spoilers alert)

Frank has killed a 6 year old girl in the assault of an abandoned warehouse, believed to be a drug cartel. He returns to the little girls family , and tells them he killed their daughter. They immediately persecute him and cast him out of their village. He takes the child's body and carries it gently over a hill to the cometary, as the sun sets in front of him.He leaves Her family and friends to grieve in peace. Frank returns to his rundown apartment, and contemplates death to the guilty - himself. The kidnapped women are now used as slaves by Franks unknown enemy. One of them threatens her captor with a blade, but she is thrown into a closet, and a masked ,heavy set man tries to rape her.He is stopped by a superior. Frank almost commits suicide, but suffers a flashback of his family's death, and realizes he has to be sure he is guilty of murder, before he joins them. He returns to the child's grave, and hesitantly removes the spent rounds from her flesh. The bullets are 22. caliber, not his 45.s. He is not guilty of the child's death. Frank assaults an informant for the information on his next target, who tells him he is merely a trucker looking for whatever work he could get. Franks enemies payed him to set up the scene to look like Frank killed the child. Frank begins to torture him with his knife.Later, Frank is reloading his guns, and gathers his emotions. With his head back in the game, he continues his endless mission.

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