cody1984's The Punisher #5 - After 100 Days review

A little slower paced

The Good

This issue focuses on the supporting cast of Rachel Alves, Oscar Clemons, Walter Bolt, and Norah Winters more then it does the Punisher. It shows what they have been up to since 100 days have passed. The story also shows the exchange in a little more detail then previously. They had a very corporate feeling and not a mafia vibe in the second issue and this issue really nails that feeling with their corporate meeting. These aren't least not anymore and we learn that this organization is made up of former Hydra agents, AIM scientists, and supervillains that aren't interested in conquering the world. They are interested in making a profit nothing more nothing less. We see Rachel Alves and Norah Winters have actually become friends with Rachel feeling out of place and not to happy about the way things have turned out. We also see the police trying to go after the Exchange now only to be beaten to the punch again by the Punisher and that he is now back in action and almost fully healed. All in all its a slow issue but it moves the story forward and feels very natural when rereading the previous issues.

The Bad

Quite a bit of time has passed and while I don't think Frank should've been running out the door to go after the exchange the next day, week, or month I do feel the time table for him to be back in action was a little to long. The issue does end rather abruptly and I do think another two pages would've help it not have that feeling.


I still got to give it a 5 out of 5 since it pushes the story forward and the whole series is flowing together greatly. This is not a great stand alone issue but an issue tied to a much longer story so I can see why some people might not like it but to me it was still very well done.

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