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Frank Castle's got a hot date. Her name's Jenny, and she knows a thing or two about bottomless pain and the rage that comes from it. Before the night is through, she'll teach the Punisher a bit about the art of vengeance. And if he's really lucky...?

Frank is recovering from wounds he suffered while those around him go about their dirty, dirty business.

Detective Budiansky is grilling the widows on why they were at the scene of the crime. He's figured it out, but they don't let on that he's right. He says he's going to go investigate whether the widows know Bonnie De Angelo. Shauna Toomey is with Curtis outside the house.

Meanwhile, in Bonnie's hideout, frank is recovering from his wounds and he and Jenny discuss how they are similar, almost twins because of what has been done to them.

Back at the widow's, Shauna and Curtis see Detective Budiansky leave and she tells Curtis to follow him. She then goes in and confonts the widows on what they told him. Shauna then orders a hit on Detective Budiansky.

Later, Paul Budiansky is having coffee with his wife Gina at the hospital when Curtis arrives and shoots Gina. Budiansky fires back and kills Curtis emptying almost a full magazine into him.

Gina is injured severely, but not fataly. Carling arrives and has Bobby retrieve Budiansky's gun while the shooting is investigated. Meanwhile the widows get wind of the shooting and more infighting begins. Back at home Budiansky is packing a bag to take to Gina in the hospital and he also packs a spare gun after receiving word that Shauna Toomey was behind the hit.

Back at Jenny's, Jenny is getting dressed to go out and do what she has to do. She tells Frank she needs to borrow something from him and then asks him to wait for her. He says he will and as she leaves we see she is wearing the skull.

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