matkrenz's The Punisher #4 - Issue #4 review

Please Rucka, launche New York Central.

Review for The Punisher #4.

The Story: Norah talks to Urich. We get more Clemons and Bolt and Frank patches himself up.

The Good: In previous issue's we see just how much Frank is a drive man on his mission of revenge. Even if he's a messy bluddy mess, he will patch himself with bandages and a piece of 2x4 and then goes to kill some mafia people who were "asking" for protection money. Still loving the Gotham Central vibe from the series with Norah and Urich talking about should you should tell story and does it help you or the public. We also see that Clemons is a man that doesn't see Frank as a hero and he will arrest him depending what his involvement in the case is. Checchetto art continues to be dark and shows off he can do facial expressions because Frank just seems so commanding.

The Bad: Still waiting for Marvel to annouce "New York Central". You have Brubaker, you have Rucka and I don't know what Lark is doing right now but get him.

The Verdict: This issue doesn't really continue the story but focuses on the characters up till this point. This is a buy.

Posted by Silkcuts

I don't know if Bru can commit to teaming with Rucka again.

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