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On a pitch-black Brooklyn night, in a dead-end alley, Frank Castle dispatches a crew of Albanian thugs that is menacing a young woman. Her name is Viorica, she's from Moldavia, and when she tells Frank her story, that's when the real killing starts.

The issue starts with a woman shooting wildly upon a group that the Punisher is gunning for. She runs out of ammo and runs into an ally close by. Some of the group that wasn't hit follow and surround her and are about to force themselves upon her when the Punisher guns them down. Right after 2 police offices approach the punisher and the girl and the punisher disarms them and gets away with the girl. Later when she awakes in the Punisher's lair she tells him about how she is an illegal from Moldova. The issue ends with her telling the Punisher her whole story and the though captions of." Later on, she told me her whole story. About the day she left her village, about the old man, about Cristu and Vera. About the Thing her father said. About her Baby. When she was done, i knew a lot of men would have to die." This issue ends To Be Continued.

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This is a review of the entirety of the story arc The Slavers. I know this site only lists the issues as separate from one another, but since I read the entire arc in one sitting, I'm reviewing it all in on review.I know in the past I've said quite a bit about Garth Ennis' writing, most of it being rather...unflattering, and I stand by all of it. That being said, The Slavers was...amazing. I had absolutely no idea Ennis could write something so...well, meaningful. Granted, it's not like I've rea...

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