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Rarely does the Punisher get outdone by the New York Police Department. In this first issue we see just that. The Punisher has to stay hidden while the Police do their job, something that doesn’t happen often in comics. The Punisher is watching the two detectives thinking that the scum being arrested are the luckiest in the city. We get some rare insight into how the Punisher views police while he’s observing them.

Just as the Police are about to leave and the Punisher is finishing his thoughts about police officers a major thing happens. We see the youngest detective do something that if he wasn’t a cop would’ve gotten him killed by Frank. Castle watches the two detectives as they talk about the bust discussing how many they have made in such a short time. The Punisher realizes he has to do some research on the two police officers.

Next the comic takes us to the police station where the two detectives are at their desks. We find out the oldest detective’s name is Mike and the youngest detective is Andy. They are discussing what Andy is doing that night and Mike is warning Andy not to go to Lieutenant Leary’s poker game. From the dialogue that is given its made clear that Leary is about is the king of dirty cops. Andy tells Mike he is not going but Mike is not convinced and clearly worried about the young detective.

We next see the Punisher meeting with Detective Soap giving the Punisher the files on the two detectives. In rare moment Soap threatens the Punisher to not harm them in any way. This surprises Frank as Soap never has displayed this much back bone to him before. Soap doesn’t back down with the threats. Soap tells the Punisher they are cops and if he harms them the Punisher task force will no longer be a joke that the police will go after him in force if something happens to them.

Later we see Andy and Mike at the indoor shooting range in the police department. Mike offers up his view of how police are viewed by society. With Andy and him talking about the problems police are faced with everyday. Andy leaves the range since they are off the clock with Mike asking him to call him as soon as he gets home knowing something is up with Andy.

Meanwhile, the Punisher is doing what he does best killing scum and shaking down an informant for information. The informant he shakes down is apparently the same one Andy is using to give information on drug busts. The Punisher than leaves the informant and tracks down Andy tailing him. The Punisher follows him to meeting with other police officers and a mobster who Andy ends up selling cocaine to. The Punisher waits for the mobster to leave and gets him to take them for a ride to get some information out of him.

Mike we see right afterwards in his home with bottle of booze almost completely drunk waiting by the phone. Andy never called him like he promised. Mike tries calling him a few times with no luck of reaching Andy. Mike’s wife walks in the door and asks what is going on. She sees the bottle and gets on Mike for his drinking and we see his face turn angry. What happens next is disturbing and causes the Punisher’s blood to boil as he saw what happened through the window of Mike’s house.

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