jonesdeini's The Punisher #2 - Punisher: Two review

The Old Dog vs. The New Breed

Frank uses Malloy to track down The Exchange but the new kids on the block have plans of their own for The Punisher.   
The Good 
I've got to start by saying that Marco Checchetto's art is absolutely breathtaking on this book. He has such a unique style that really stands out among Marvel's books. And Hollingsworth doing colors on this book is a great move. I've been loving his work on Max, but he gives both books totally separate identities. These two combine to give a wholly new, appropriately murky miasma to Franks New York City.  
It's been stated by others but this book has a very Gotham Central vibe which I love. Focusing on Detectives Clemons and Bolt for the first few issues is a very refreshing move. Rucka does some great world building through these two by having them interact with Norah Winters of the Daily Bugle. This gives a real sense of the impact of Frank's actions upon the citizens of New York. It especially drives the point home of how difficult Franks one man war makes police work.  Clemons' dialogue with Norah was really sharp and interesting. I'm glad that even when Frank's not pictured this book remains interesting.  
What sold me on this book was Rucka's declaration that Frank would be silent for the first three or four issues. I'm all for his take on Frank, because it's something that I can say I've never really seen before. Sure he's been a "force of nature, boogeyman of the underworld" before. But Ennis (and now Aaron) balance his lack of external expression with very detailed, intimate internal dialogue. Rucka give us no peak into Frank's mind. He's content to let Checchetto flex his muscle and frank's actions speak volumes. My biggest source of apprehension about reading this book was feeling like I was paying for another, inferior version of Aaron's Max, but reading these first two issues have totally ruled out that possibility. 
A fine example of this approach is when Frank tracks Malloy to a brothel and does what he does best. Checchetto's work has a great sense of motion and Hollingsworth's coloring really transports us into "Frank's World".  
The moment where Bolt and Clemons meet with the victim of the massacre, Rachel Alves, was really somber. It was perfectly paced and Rucka once again allows the art team to flex their muscle and cary the weight  of the narrative, which they do masterfully.  
The Exchange is a nice change of pace from the usual ethnically based gangs/mobs Frank deals with. Their organization feels very modern, very smart. Rucka's done a great job of establishing that this organization's very intricately organized and that its leadership is very proactively involved in all levels of its business. I look forward to him fleshing out these characters in the future.
I'm very interested to see how Rucka deals with capes and costumed villains. Punisher first face off against Red Vulture should make for some great action next issue.  

The Bad 
These covers have been highly bland to me, but that's a complaint so minor that I can't truly hold it against this excellent (thus far) book.  
The Verdict 
Frank's finally being written properly in the 616 Universe...that's all I need to say. 

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

At the very least, the cover to #3 is set at some weird angle, and combined with the posing and facial expressions makes me giggle every time I see it.

Posted by shawn87

Sounds like this series is shaping up to be great

Edited by JonesDeini
@The Mighty Monarch said:

At the very least, the cover to #3 is set at some weird angle, and combined with the posing and facial expressions makes me giggle every time I see it.

Yeah, these covers just aren't working for me. The Variants are much better.  
It really is. This and Waid's Daredevil are shaping up to be some great monthly reads. I'm glad to see Marvel putting some of their best talent on two of my favorite characters. 
Posted by NawfalQ

I really like the covers - and I probably would have described them as anything but "bland." I think I would have said colorful and bold or something. I am not saying you're wrong and I'm right... art is all subjective. But I'm kinda curious as to why you see them as bland?

I agree with you: finally - properly written Castle is a great thing!

Posted by JonesDeini


They just don't appeal to my aesthetic taste. Despite them almost always having some form of action taking place on them the figures generally feel very static and posey to me. Also the penciling style just isn't my cup of tea. Nothing about it pops to me and I just find it very pedestrian and serviceable. But yeah, thanks for checking out the review man! I must say the covers from this point on have gotten better to me. Especially #5 by Chechetto. I really feel like his variants/sketch covers should be the ones for the regular series.

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