omertalvendetta's The Punisher #1 - Punisher: One review

Great Storytelling.

Not the strongest aspect of the issue, but maybe it's the logo I'm not a big fan of.  That and the giant #1 there on the side; it just looks like crap. 
The Good: 
The ambiance and storytelling of this issue is splendid.  It's extremely well done, and I am a very big fan of how they manage to really show us a Frank Castle that is utterly mysterious.  The art was solid and it really sets the mood for great stuff.  I also liked the way that it carried several pages and how the art was chosen to tell the story in certain places.  I also dug the new character and the implications that may pose for future issues.   
The Bad: 
My only minor complaint is that the issue felt very fast.  That does happen often where art is used to carry certain panels (or full pages), but pages without dialogue often pose the small dilemma where the issue feels like it's going at Mach-V speed.  Besides that, nothing else bad really stood out. 
I find this to be an awesome issue, even if it's not a great first issue.  It does pose a lot of questions (as #1's should) but I think that's not altogether a bad thing here.  The art and the coloring were stupendous and the storytelling was fantastic, even if the pacing seemed a little fast. 

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