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Great Storytelling. 0

Cover:   Not the strongest aspect of the issue, but maybe it's the logo I'm not a big fan of.  That and the giant #1 there on the side; it just looks like crap.  The Good:   The ambiance and storytelling of this issue is splendid.  It's extremely well done, and I am a very big fan of how they manage to really show us a Frank Castle that is utterly mysterious.  The art was solid and it really sets the mood for great stuff.  I also liked the way that it carried several pages and how the art was ...

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An Excellent Start! Thank God it wasn't bad! 0


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Just Punisher. That's All I Really Wanted. 0

Greg Rucka makes his big return to the Marvel Universe, bringing his very grounded and intelligent storytelling to a character it meshes perfectly with. Marco Checchetto joins him on art and really does a lot of heavy lifting as the issue is light on words yet remains heavy on story.  Frank Castle tends to be a problematic character, and I think the reason is that writers tend to overthink him as a lead character. The Punisher is probably the most driven and focused character in comics, making B...

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If this goes well we could get a Marvel version of Gotham Central 0

Review for Punisher #1 by Greg MOTHER*&%@#$! Rucka.  The Story: A gang called TheExchange shoots up a wedding and two detectives are put on the case but Punisher finds them and kills a majority of them. The side story is Walter Bolt talking about a case where is partner was killed and says he killed the gang members but in reality Frank did the job.  The Good: Rucka was able to tell a great story and barely used Frank in this. He sets up who the villain will be for this arc, who will be the ...

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What we get is good. There's just not enough of it! 0

I've always liked the Punisher character but I've never been a faithful reader. I was pretty excited to see "The Punisher" #1 announced. I was even more intrigued when I heard Greg Rucka would be writing the book. With this particular character, Rucka has a creative sandbox loaded with potential. Not only was I anxious to see how he handled the Punisher persona, but also Frank Castle as a man.  The first thing I noticed is that The Punisher seems to be portrayed as a shadowy ghost-like figure, ...

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Feels like the 2007 Punisher MAX Annual 0

Greg Rucka in this issue has the Punisher feel like a supernatural terror unleashed on the world. We see the Punisher do what he does better than anyone, all the while not in his head and seen through the eyes of others. Greg doesn't do what Garth did and has us inside the Punisher's head at all. In fact this issue and from what Rucka has said in interviews feels more like the successor to the 2007 Punisher annual. This shows the Punisher as more of a spirit killing evil men than a man fighting ...

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Frankly a Great Start 0

I didn't follow Punisher MAX very closely but know many of its fans were concerned about how this series would change the franchise. If this first issue is a true preview of what's to come, I think they can put their worries to rest.   Writer Greg Rucka uses The Punisher #1 as something more than just an opportunity to bring back Frank Castle. He reestablishes what the Punisher represents as an icon and how his "heroics" are something much different than any other hero's in the Marvel universe. ...

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