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Guest-starring Quasar, Wundarr, Deathlok, Thundra, Aquarian, Goliath (Bill Foster), and the Impossible Man. Written by Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio. Art by John Byrne and George Perez. The Thing pays a visit to the top secret facility known as Project: Pegasus and meets the young hero named Quasar and Dr. Hank Pym's (Yellow Jacket) former lab assistant Bill Foster, now known as Giant Man. Plus, why is the mysterious Wundarr under surveillance? How does the cybernetic killer from the future known as Deathlok fit into this? And to make things worse, the fighting amazon from the future, Thundra, shows up. Will our heroes survive the final earthshaking showdown? Plus, when stone statues of some of the Fantastic Four's deadliest villains come to life and attack the Thing at a party, the only one there to help him is the mischievous imp, Impossible Man. Heaven help the Idol of Millions.

Collects Marvel Two-In-One #53-58 & 60.

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