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As the battle rages on, Max Keane finds himself overpowered by one of the russian dolls, the hulk called Stalingrad, a deadly opponent that might destroy the "newborn" American Hero. Is Max as powerful as he thinks he is? If so, he might make a difference in this super-powered conflict that has put America on it's biggest emergency state ever. Meanwhile, Professor Hinks is kidnapped by government agents with a terrible plan that could go against Hinks' principles as a human being: Max's reprogramming, a process he interrupted years ago to save Max from becoming a Mindless War Machine, might become true.

Senator Joe, on the other hand is now against those who created him, joining forces with the black mob in the suburbs to wipe off the "White Free Army". That just kick-started a race war and are now backed-up by rogue troopers of the US Army and the police... Don't miss Senator Joe's showdown against racists as the government of the United States sends someone to talk some sense into him and join the fight against the real threat... THE RUSSIAN DOLLS!

By Milligan and Smith







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