The Prescence My Rant

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Lets get one thing straight i like him just as much as TOAA or MOM ETC.  
But he pisses me off alot to here are the reasons and where focusing on the main true Presence (Forgot his name) 
Rant : For god he thows his power around quite ofen Elaine and Spectre and GEB.
Speaking of that how in the world does God create a evil version of himself how does that happen 
not mention hes lazy 
Micheal Demiurgos: Ok Dad me and Lucifer are going to go relax after a hard day off battle 
Prescence: No wait kids i had this idea for you guys to create the universe 
Micheal: But dad you could just bli 
Prescence: No no (Takes sip off the beer can) im far too busy (flips over and covers himself with blanket) 
Hes such a jerk too like this right here
First: Yeah i wanted to talk about your health 
Prescence: What health im god  
First: Yeah you said to keep balance of your confidant and conscience 
Prescence: Oh yeah how is it  
First: Well i think you need some hel WAIT WHAT ARE YOU 
Prescence: (Pimp Smacks him to Hell) 
Also unfair 
Presecnce: Yo dude i got a idea 
Angel: What 
Prescence: Im gonna a give almost all my power to some chick named Elaine that would just piss Lucifer off right 
Angel: I dont know but i think Micheal deserves that power too and maybe you and Lucifer should talk it out 
Angel gets erased from reality 
Prescence: Not any more bitch 
Also ever wonder why GEB is so evil cause this is what really happend 
Prescence: (Starts dancing stomping his feet) 
he gets so drunk he some how makes a evil version of himself  
GEB: Passes out asleep 
70000000000 Years larter   
Prescence: Dam those heroes got pwned by AM 
(His phone rings) yo Great evil WAZUP 
GEB: What the hell is with all that racket im gonna kick your teeth in if you let something kill the multiverse 
Prescence: WELL BRING IT ON 
4 Hours later 
GEB Arrives  
Prescence is not there 
Then the rest u know 
Prescence shows up late.
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just throwing this out there, your rant lacks Aztek's three essential rant requirements: grammar, logic and research 
unless you're going for humorous, in which case...I'm sure somebody laughed

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@xerox-kitty said:

" @slacker the hacker: The Presence? Or Presence? "

The Presence as he is referencing events from Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Mike Carey's Lucifer and Garth Ennis' Hellblazer (which are all good comics might I add)
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So how does the Over-Monitor fit into here?

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Um, sorry, I must have misread something; do you have a point to make?

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The Thing you said about how the Presence created the GEB made be LOL!

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@squares: Hes saying that he think the Presence is lazy and a jerk.

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Hey if u have infinite power and ur THE GOD.

if u get bored make a copy of yourself and kill the copy when u get tired again.

WTH share ur power with someone, it doesn't matter cause infinite-9999.....billion=infinite

i find Presence a great character.

TOAA the coolest named character.

M.o.M the best looking character

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