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Character Description and History

The Presbyter is a very upbeat, positive character. He worked with Kevin Matchstick before Mage: The Hero Defined in some undescribed situations. Kirby Hero, who also worked with the Presbyter, said that Strider said that Matchstick was too bossy, and kind of hard to work with. This is the beginning of a theme throughout the story arc, in which Kevin feels called to leadership, and yet has difficulty living out that role gracefully.

The Presbyter happily joins back up with Kevin and Joe Phat as they are in mid-skirmish with the Sprigginflints, however. He grabs Fonse, one of the Sprigs, and they interrogate him about the Pale Enchanter's plans. Joe leaves because he doesn't feel good. The Presbyter used his hypnotic stare to get Fonse to talk. This gives them enough information to begin their final invasion of Emil's domain, and for a time the Presbyter becomes one of Kevin's central allies.

They go back to Kevin's apartment and are joined by Kirby Hero. They go toward the giant cross in Montreal, where they believe the forces of darkness are focused. On the way, the Presbyter clears up his earlier statement about Kevin: he said that Kevin always has to be in charge, but that he doesn't mind, and that he thinks Kevin is good at it. This helps Kevin somewhat, as he has been feeling down on his leadership abilities after being responsible for sending the Hornblower into a trap. They fight some frost pixies and are separated for a short time, but the Presbyter finds them again with his magic flashlight.

Uses prayer to see through illusion

They get to the cross, and the Presbyter uses his praying abilities to reveal the truth behind the illusion: the cross covers a set of stairs doing down into the earth. They come to a Midnight Maze, which is basically a magical black hole. Just then, they are attacked by Cerberus, the three-headed dog. The Presbyter protects them with his fireproof cloak. The dog knocks Strider into the Midnight Maze, however, and the other heroes have to jump in to try to save him. Unfortunately, they lose him, and fall out another exit. Kirby argues that they have to go back in and get him, but Kevin is resolute that they must go on, and they don't see him again.

Powers and Abilities

The Presbyter has not demonstrated superhuman strength or durability, but he has a wider range of magical tools and powers than most of the other avatars in Mage. He has a magic flashlight that will point you in whatever direction you want to go. He has a coat made of salamander hide that is fireproof, even against magical fire. He has a hypnotic stare that can control people's minds. His prayers can help him see through illusions, and possibly other feats.

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