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Grimm Fairy Tales Version 

Two brothers discuss the actions of one of the brother’s in that he has been embezzling money and now he has a plan to have a hitman kill the man that has is set to testify against him.  However, he decides to not pay the hitman the full price for the hit.  The other brother expresses concern about the entire affair and suggests to his brother that he simply turn himself in.  As they are out at a bar the older brother leaves to hustle some people at pool, but Sela shows up and offers the other brother the story of the Pied Piper to help guide his decision.  This story also features two brothers, and they discuss how to deal with the problems of large carnivorous rats that have been attacking the city.  They initially hesitate against using the offer of the Pied Piper as they deem it too expensive, but afterwards after another attack they agree.  The one brother decides to underpay him but also to keep some of the excess money for himself.  The younger brother does not agree because of the potential repercussions but goes along with it because of pressure from the older brother.  The Piper is not happy but leaves.  The townspeople soon wake up to find that all of the children of the town have been led away by the Piper and the two brothers must go to bargain for their release.  They are returned, but they find out that the Pied Piper has cursed them in that they turn into the rats at night.  As the story is finished being read the brother decides that the other brother must turn himself in and will have no part of the bargain.  He later finds out that it is too late for him though as the hitman has kidnapped his brother and his son and demands the full payment.  As a sign that he means business he has sent the brother his other brother’s ears as proof of what happens for “not listening.”

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