dtschemmel's The Phantom Stranger #5 - Noble Vengeance review

Lets just say..

Lets just get this out there, LOOK AT THIS COVER. This is even better than the Phantom Stranger #4.

The Good: Okay, so basically you get to figure out who The Spectre is. Which is a great thing. Coming into this I swore Doctor Doom was in this comic. I was sadly mistaken. Another good thing is that you get to see who the third guy is that was with Stranger and Pandora. Im interested to see who he is and what he can do, because overall he looks like a great character.

The Bad: Honestly there was only minor issues with this comic. I didn't like the fact that Phantom and Spectre argue like 5 y/o in front of the "the dog". And that is basically it.

Overall: It was a very solid issue and the cover is great. Only minor issues. I can see this title being a strong running titles in The New 52. I would definitely recommend this as a must have series. If not, you're missing out.

The Verdict: 5/5 10/10 Any ranking system you have, this should be perfect.


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    I had dropped The Phantom Stranger a while back, but with the increasingly positive reviews I read, along with a read of the previous issue at my local book store, I decided to give this title another try.I have to say, the writing has definably improved. I was afraid that the Stranger was going to get stuck "helping" a random individual each issue, until some greater story emerges. Luckily, that story came around sooner, and the story in this issue is interesting as the The Phantom Stranger and...

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