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A Time For Endings

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold, much to Deadman's chagrin. At Sanders School For the Blind, Doctor Nathan Seine subdues Cassandra Craft, and Adam Shapiro. Seine uses Craft's mystic energies to open a mystic gateway, to call forth the Nether Gods. Seine reveals his confrontational history with the Phantom Stranger. Craft is confused, believing that the Phantom Stranger died long ago. The Nether Gods inform Craft that the Phantom Stranger is very much alive, and that they have given Seine the power to, finally, destroy him. Craft sends out a psychic distress call to the Phantom Stranger.

Deadman vents his frustration over the Phantom Stranger's cryptic personality. The Phantom Stranger vanishes, to answer Craft's cry of distress. The Phantom Stranger confronts Seine, and the Nether Gods. The Phantom Stranger strikes first at the Nether Gods, who remain weak at the threshold between realms. Seine is quick to take the advantage. The Phantom Stranger summons Deadman to his side. Deadman, against the Phantom Stranger's wishes, possesses the unconscious body of Shapiro. Not realizing that Shapiro is blind, Deadman is unprepared to lose his sight. Seine strikes down Shapiro, murdering him, as Deadman abandons Shapiro's body.

Deadman is horrified that his actions caused the death of an innocent man. The Phantom Stranger draws on Seine's inner torment, as well as Deadman's anguish, along with the Phantom Stranger's own eternal pain, and feeds it to Seine. The combined agony overwhelms Seine. At the same time, the power bestowed on Seine by the Nether Gods bleeds out of Seine. For his failure to destroy the Phantom Stranger, the Nether Gods draw Seine into their realm, and slay him. Deadman angrily rails at the Phantom Stranger for drawing him into a conflict that resulted in an innocent's death. Deadman vows to confront Rama Kushna, with the intent of changing his fate. The Phantom Stranger tenderly takes Craft into his arms, and vanishes.

Will The Real Black Orchid Please Stand Up?

Heiress Ronnie Kuhn has been duped, by the Legion of the Black Orchid, into helping them to rob the World Bank. Kuhn, bound to the vault door, is seconds away from death, as an explosive device counts down to detonation. The real Black Orchid appears, and releases Kuhn from her bonds. The Black Orchid wrenches the door off the vault, then hurls it up through the bank ceiling, high into the sky, where the bomb detonates harmlessly.

The Black Orchid takes down the Legion of the Black Orchid. Kuhn, herself, brings down the Legion's leader. The Black Orchid thanks Kuhn for her assistance, then departs. The police take the Legion of the Black Orchid into custody. Kuhn, still wearing her Black Orchid costume, sans mask, is mistaken for the real Black Orchid. The police thank Kuhn for all her help, and promise not to reveal her identity to anyone. Kuhn is overjoyed that, at least for one night, she got to be the Black Orchid.







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