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The Phantom Stranger, and Doctor Bruce Gordon, have thwarted two of Eclipso's plans to plunge the world into eternal darkness. One plan remains. Lycaon, Chosen of Chaos, is preparing to broadcast his message, of hope, to all of humanity. The Phantom Stranger tasks Gordon with being in Lycaon's audience. Lycaon meets with Eclipso. Lycaon's silver-tongue and charisma are to unite the entire world. Their combined faith will be used to fuel a portal between the realms of magic and the mortal plane. Once the gateway is open, the Lords of Chaos will use the collective faith of all humanity to extinguish the sun.

Colonel Valentina Vostok, Negative Woman of the Doom Patrol, investigating the murder of an agent, named "Maverick, infiltrates the Temple of the Divine Light. Vostok is surprised by Lycaon, who materializes out of thin air. Lycaon subdues Vostok. The Phantom Stranger journeys to Stonehenge. The Phantom Stranger summons Eclipso. After a pitched battle, Eclipso subdues the Phantom Stranger. Vostok struggles to break free of her bonds. The Phantom Stranger awakens, held in the grip of a Lord of Chaos. Eclipso conjures a scrying sphere to watch Lycaon's sermon. Lycaon preaches to the world, uniting the souls of all mankind.

A percentage of the magic Lycaon has released into the world is drawn to Stonehenge. The Phantom Stranger harnesses it to escape. The Phantom Stranger attacks Eclipso. The Phantom Stranger teleports himself, and Eclipso, to Lycaon's stage. Gordon rushes the stage, to engage Eclipso. Vostok discovers that all who have heard Lycaon's words are entranced. The collective souls of humanity are perverted by the Lords of Chaos into the Darksoul, an etherial creature that begins to devour the sun. The Phantom Stranger, and Gordon, desperately battle against Lycaon, and Eclipso. Vostok broadcasts a piercing sound, at high volume, over the loud speakers. The audience awakes.

Lycaon loses control over the Darksoul. The Phantom Stranger hurls Lycaon to the crowds below, then takes over the broadcast. The Phantom Stranger rallies humanity to focus on him. A brilliant light erupts from the Phantom Stranger, as the collective soul of humanity flows through him. The Phantom Stranger, and Eclipso, are consumed by the light, as the Darksoul is destroyed. Gordon gives his report to Vostok. The Phantom Stranger confronts Gordon. Overjoyed to see his friend alive, Gordon embraces the Phantom Stranger. The collective soul of humanity has restored the Phantom Stranger's mystical powers.

The Phantom Stranger gives Gordon the receipts, from his journey to England, paid for with Gordon's credit card, and vanishes. The Phantom Stranger offers the denouement of the tale.

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