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Death Calls Twice For A Deadman

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Cleveland Brand disappears mid-act. The Phantom Stranger confronts Vashnu. Brand materializes, in Hong Kong, along with Lorna Hill, and the circus strongman, Tiny. The Sensei, of the League of Assassins, confronts Brand, Hill, and Tiny. The Sensei erroneously believes Brand to be his twin brother, Boston. The Sensei recounts his history with Boston, from the acrobat's assassination, to a foiled attempt to invade Nanda Parbat.

To settle a debt of honor owed to the League of Assassins, for their seeming failure to assassinate Boston, the Sensei plans to murder Brand. Hill, and Tiny, must die as well, collateral damage accidentally involved by the Sensei's imperfect teleportation device. The Sensei offers weapons to give them a fighting chance. Tiny declines, preferring to use his fists. The Sensei easily subdues Tiny. Before the Sensei can deliver the killing blow, the Phantom Stranger appears.

The Sensei engages the Phantom Stranger in an epic mystic duel. Ultimately, the Phantom Stranger is triumphant. Out of spite, the Sensei destroys the teleportation device, then flees. The chamber fills with smoke and begins to collapse. The Phantom Stranger effects repairs on the teleportation device, returning Brand, Hill, and Tiny to the circus. The Sensei's lair explodes. Deadman confronts the Phantom Stranger, thanking him for saving his brother's life. The Phantom Stranger invites Deadman to walk with him, for a time.

The Legion Of The Black Orchid

Ronnie Kuhn, wearing a Black Orchid costume, is confronted by the Black Orchid. The Black Orchid flies Kuhn out to a remote location, where Kuhn meets the Legion Of The Black Orchid. The Black Orchid removes her mask, revealing her secret identity, that of molecular chemist, Karen Jensen. Kuhn is introduced to four other women, all of whom also operate as the Black Orchid.

Jensen explains the technology behind the Black Orchid's powers, while giving Kuhn a tour of the facility. At the end of the tour, Jensen asks Kuhn to join the Legion of the Black Orchid. Kuhn readily accepts. Jensen returns Kuhn to her home. All is not as it seems, though. The Legion of the Black Orchid hint at sinister plans for Kuhn.

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