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A Death In The Family!

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Charlie Varda attends the funeral of his brother, Alonzo. Varda assures the Mayor, and the Governor, that business will continue, as usual. In the car ride, back to the Varda Builiding, Enrico asks Varda if he intends to take over his brother's rackets. Varda, who has seen both brothers and his father come to violent ends, despises the rackets, but, nonetheless, is willing to honor the family business. Varda is stunned to find his brother, Alonzo, sitting behind his desk in the executive office. Alonzo tells Varda that he was restored to life by Malava, a witch of their mother's acquaintance.

Alonzo, though, is still very week, and requires his brother's aid, in running the family business, for a short while. Varda agrees to six months. The Phantom Stranger confronts Varda, and tries to steer Varda away from the family business. Varda turns away to consider the Phantom Stranger's words. When Varda turns back, the Phantom Stranger is gone. While walking the streets, Varda is nearly murdered in a drive-by shooting. Only the quick action of the Phantom Stranger saves Varda's life, though Varda believes he merely tripped out of the line of fire. Varda returns to his brother. Varda accuses Enrico of trying to murder him. Enrico pulls his gun. Varda and Enrico struggle.

The Phantom Stranger grabs Enrico's wrist, causing him to fire wildly. A stray shot hits Alonzo in the face, revealing him to be an automaton. Enrico fells Varda with a broken chair. Varda swiftly recovers and tackles Enrico, thrusting them both into a back room. The room is filled with computer equipment, all connected to the living brian of Varda's brother, Alonzo. It was not sorcery that saved his life, but science. Alonzo reveals that Enrico threatened to kill Varda, if Alonzo didn't go along with Enrico's plans to take over the rackets. Enrico lunges at Varda. The Phantom Stranger shoves Varda out of the way. Enrico's momentum carries him out the window. Alonzo begs Varda to end his horrific existence. Varda does so, taking his own life in the process.

"... And The Dog Howls Through The Night!"

Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost Breaker, and his wife, Marie, attend a house party at the Andersons. The Andersons have been seeing a ghost in the house. Thirteen scoffs, and immediately dismisses any possibility of the supernatural. Thirteen is given pause, though, when Marie corroborates seeing the ghost, as well. Suddenly the ghost appears, right before Thirteen's eyes. As soon as it disappears, the family dog begins baying.

A commotion brings Thirteen down into the basement, where the ghost can be seen destroying scientific equipment. Thirteen tosses a book at the spectral apparition, and watches as it passes right through the ghost. The Andersons provide Thirteen with scientific papers, found in the attic of the house. Thirteen researches the previous owner. Maria recognizes the previous owner as the face of the ghost. Using the scientific journals left behind by the owner, Thirteen begins repairing the machines in the basement.

The ghost materializes, looking much older than it's previous manifestation. Thirteen finally brings the "ghost" fully back into the material world, but it's too late. The scientist has died of extreme old age. Thirteen had discovered that this man was experimenting with a process that would endow him with super-human speed. The experiment was somewhat successful, but the scientist was not able to control the power, and thus was not able to slow his metabolism back down. Along with aging at an accelerated rate, the scientist was also slowly going mad, frustrated by his inability to return to normal.







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