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It Takes A Witch!...

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Bradsville librarian, Carol James, takes rubbings in the local cemetery. James is startled by the presence of Mayor Miles Lanyard. Clearly hitting on James, Lanyard offers her a ride back to town. James takes an interest in Mary Haggerty's check outs, all books on witchcraft. Outside the library, James meets with Lanyard, and the town sheriff. A goat has been found, ritually slaughtered. James, unintentionally, casts suspicion on Haggerty. James visits Haggerty at her home. James is about to warn Haggerty of potential trouble, but decides against it. While fishing, James and Lanyard are approached by the sheriff. A satanic mark has been found painted on the church door.

Lanyard considers banning all books on witchcraft, but James convinces him not to do it. Suspicion of Haggerty's involvement grows in Bradsville. A motorcycle gang surrounds Haggerty, and begin abusing her. Their leader pulls a gun on Haggerty. The Phantom Stranger intervenes, transforming the gun into a snake. The motorcyclists flee. The sheriff arrives, and takes Haggerty to see a doctor. Lanyard, to James' horror, burns all the books on witchcraft. James visits the Weaver Mills cemetery to do rubbings of Lanyard's parents' gravestones. James is perplexed when she can't find the grave sites in the newer section of the cemetery. The Phantom Stranger appears to James, urging her to continue her quest. Haggerty is assaulted, and her home set afire.

James discovers that Lanyard's father died seventy years ago, Lanyard blames the house fire on the motorcycle gang. The sheriff, though, has already arrested them. James confronts Lanyard with her discovery. James accuses Lanyard of being his own ancestor, cleverly covering up his "demise" in his role as the town's undertaker. The sheriff accuses Lanyard of being in league with Haggerty. As if on cue, Haggerty appears. Haggerty accuses Lanyard of attempting to murder her. Haggerty had been on Lanyard's trail for some time. The Devil's Candle, sculpted in Lanyard's likeness is consumed by the flames. As the candle melts, so, to, does Lanyard.

The Crime Of The Black Orchid

The Black Orchid robs the Majestic Jewelry Emporium. The police are unable to stop her escape. Days later, a construction worker is saved, from a crushing death, by the Black Orchid. The police attempt to arrest the Black Orchid. Once again, they are unable to do so. The Black Orchid adopts several disguises to move freely about the underworld, as she gathers information. Her investigation puts her on the trail of Pete Martin, and his girlfriend, Myrna. Martin, and Myrna, board a private plane, bound for Rio De Janeiro. Myrna joins Martin in the cockpit.

Unbeknownst to Martin, Myrna turns on the radio transmitter, as she gets him to confess to the whole scheme. Myrna excuses herself to powder her nose. Martin notices the open radio channel. Suddenly, Myrna appears, half bound in ropes. Another woman was on board Martin's plane, posing as Myrna. The Black Orchid appears in the sky, The Black Orchid forces Martin's plane to change direction, then forces it down, where the police are waiting to take Martin, and Myrna into custody.







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