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"Sacred Is The Monster Kang!"

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. General Harrison Jones storms the temple of Anra Kang. After securing the temple, Jones meets with his employer, Marshal Feng. Jones begs Feng for heroin. Feng refuses to provide Jones with heroin, until Feng's business has been completed. Feng gives Jones a history lesson regarding the temple.

The monks are constantly at work, building a labyrinthian wall, to imprison the demon-God, Anra Kang. The Phantom Stranger confronts Jones. In no mood for a lecture, Jones orders his personal guard to arrest the Phantom Stranger. The Phantom Stranger, however, has already vanished. Jones is drawn to a commotion within the temple. Jones discovers his soldiers beating the monks. Jones orders his men to stand down.

When one of the monks proves to be a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency, Jones has that man executed. Jones reflects on his past, As an Army sergeant in Vietnam, Jones had gotten hooked on heroin. Returning a week late, from a three day pass, Jones got into a brawl with his commanding officer. Jones was arrested, and dishonorably discharged from the army.

A helicopter delivers Feng's guests, movers and shakers in the drug trade. The Phantom Stranger confronts Jones again. Government forces lay siege to the temple. In an attempt to repel them, Jones detonates explosives on the puzzle wall. Anra Kang emerges from the temple. Feng flees the temple. Jones dies, fighting against Anra Kang. The Phantom Stranger confronts Anra Kang. As soon as the monks begin rebuilding the puzzle wall, Anra Kang returns to the bowels of the temple.

Island Of Fear!

Brute Barstoe catches a woman trying to send out a message of distress. Barstoe has the woman lashed to two trees. Before Barstoe can mete out punishment, he is attacked by the Black Orchid. The woman refuses rescue, as her husband and children are still being held by Barstoe's forces. The Black Orchid withdraws, leaving behind her calling card, a black orchid, and a note, promising Barstoe's downfall. Barstoe brings up his prisoners, slaving away in his secret gold mines. The men are brought before Barstoe, who has all their wives gathered on a stage. Barstoe demands to know which of the women is the Black Orchid.

Since the Black Orchid is bulletproof, Barstow elects to just start shooting the women. As Barstoe levels his gun at one of the women, her husband goes berserk. The woman flees into the woods. The Black Orchid emerges from the woods, and beats down Barstoe's security forces. Barstoe threatens to murder the Black Orchid's husband, only to be bludgeoned by the man's real wife, who has snuck back out of the woods. The Black Orchid ushers the prisoners to Bartoe's boat. Barstoe orders his newest lieutenant, Carla, to fire on the prisoners. "Carla", though, proves to be merely a painted dummy, molded from boat putty. As the prisoners escape, Barstoe can hear the Black Orchid laughing at him.







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