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Four children jump the fence at an amusement park, and discover the security guard, Mister Yanchus, dead. The Phantom Stranger steps off the carousel, and addresses one of the boys, Jody Cahill.

"How Do You Know My Name?"

This story was originally published in Phantom Stranger #5 (April, 1953). A synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

Jody tells the Phantom Stranger that his parents are meeting with Doctor Terrence Thirteen, the Ghost-Breaker. Speaking with Jody's father, Jerry Cahill, Thirteen is reminded of a prior case.

No Such Things As Ghosts!

This story was originally published in Star-Spangled Comics #126 (March 1952). A synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

When Jody's mother discovers that he is missing, Thirteen heads to the amusement park to look for the boy.

"Some Day In Some Dark Alley..."

Thirteen confronts the Phantom Stranger. Jody's scream leads the Phantom Stranger, and Thirteen, into the Tunnel of Terrors. The Phantom Stranger prevents Thirteen from being beheaded. Thirteen returns the favor, by keeping the Phantom Stranger from falling into a pit of spikes. The Phantom Stranger, and Thirteen, encounter, the "mystic", Vasti. Thirteen engages Vasti in battle, Strangely, the Phantom Stranger is nowhere to be found. Just as Vasti is about to gain the upper hand over Thirteen, the Phantom Stranger reappears, and grapples Vasti.

In the struggle, Vasti plunges to his death from the Ferris Wheel. "Vasti" is revealed to be Cahill's brother, Jay. Ten ago, Jay Cahill had hired the real Vasti to ruin his brother's amusement park. Thanks to the Phantom Stranger, Vasti went to jail. To keep Vasti from talking, Jay Cahill had him killed, then began impersonating him. When his plot was discovered by Yanchus, Jay Cahill had to kill him, too. While Thirteen was dealing with "Vasti", the Phantom Stranger collected all the dynamite "Vasti" had planted, throughout the amusement park. The Phantom Stranger disappears, but Thirteen knows their paths will cross again.







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