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The Devil Dolls Of Dr.Z!

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Inside the Rembrandt Apartments complex, Doctor Matthew Zorn is attacked by a mugger. Zorn's cries of distress attract the attention of Leon Manley, a private security guard. Manley chases Zorn's assailant out of the complex, and prepares to open fire on the fleeing thug. Police officer Duggan fires a warning shot of his own. Duggan reminds Manley that his authority does not extend outside the Rembrandt Apartments. Zorn would prefer it that the entire incident be simply forgotten. The Phantom Stranger confronts Zorn, regarding his past crimes. Zorn, acting as his own advocate, was able to destroy the credibility of the sole witness against him, thus garnering his freedom.

Manley returns home, to his wife, Maxine, for lunch. Maxine tries to calm Manley down. Manley is still harboring anger towards Duggan. A clearly demented man, Mister Burton, exits the Rembrandt Apartments, and attacks Duggan. Manley saves Duggan's life. Manley delivers Burton to a hospital, then investigates Burton's claims that Zorn is the devil. Manley enters the community room during one of Zorn's therapy sessions. Manley is disturbed by what he sees. Zorn is quick to usher Manley back out the door. Zorn continues his "therapy" which rapidly becomes more of an unholy ritual. Zorn transfers the soul of a man named Craig, into a demonic doll, which comes to life. Zorn orders his followers to dispose of Manley,

The Phantom Stranger appears to Maxine, warning her of Manley's peril. Maxine sees a hoard of dolls, brandishing knives, skittering across Manley's body. Maxine uses her knowledge of the occult to battle against the devil dolls. Though she fights valiantly, Maxine finds herself on the verge of being overcome by the devil dolls. The Phantom Stranger intervenes, adding his psychic strength to Maxine's, until the devil dolls crumble and decay. The Phantom Stranger confronts Zorn, who seemingly has just finished a rather benign looking therapy session. The Phantom Stranger races to preserve one of the devil dolls as evidence against Zorn's wrongdoing, but it's too late. The devil dolls have completely disintegrated, leaving no trace of their existence.

"The Snake-God Revealed!"

Frankenstein's Monster valiantly battles against the residents of an affluent neighborhood. Not wishing to harm the residents. Frankenstein's Monster opts to run, and hide, from them. Frankenstein's monster is discovered by members of a satanic cult, who offer it safe haven. Frankenstein's Monster is invited to participate in one of the cult's rituals, one requiring a human sacrifice.

The cult leader reveals that his right arm is really a serpent. Frankenstein's Monster is ordered to perform the sacrifice. Frankenstein's Monster rebels, and seizes the cult leader. The cult members attack Frankenstein's Monster. Frankenstein's Monster saves the cult leader's life, by keeping him from falling into a pit of venomous snakes. In doing so, however, it is Frankenstein's Monster that falls into the pit.

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