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Dr. Zorn: Soul-Master

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Jango Moody goes berserk, during a performance, on stage. The Phantom Stranger subdues Moody, who is taken to his Doctor, Matt Zorn, for treatment. Five minutes later, Moody is a new man. Curious over Moody's phenomenally fast recovery, the Phantom Stranger, invisibly, observes Zorn's office. Tanya Bankdale, an actress, enters, in a clearly depressed state. After Zorn's treatment, she, too emerges a changed woman. To learn more, the Phantom Stranger poses as a new patient, one referred to Zorn by Moody.

The Phantom Stranger complains of a deep depression. Invisibly, the Phantom Stranger follows Zorn back into his laboratory, where Zorn mixes up a strange potion. The Phantom Stranger recognizes Zorn's mixture as the medicines of sorcerers. Unwisely, the Phantom Stranger imbibes the concoction. The Phantom Stranger hallucinates that he is the beloved ruler of the world. In a state of extreme euphoria, the Phantom Stranger leaves Zorn's office. Later that night, the Phantom Stranger returns to Zorn's office, and, invisibly observes Zorn's activities.

Zorn meets with a high-ranking Army general, the Secretary of State, and Admiral Tulin. Zorn informs these men that the Chinese have made progress with their thought experiments. The three men begin bickering. Zorn pacifies them with his "treatment'. Zorn runs film depicting several Chinese agents with amazing psychic powers. Zorn convinces these men that the President has been compromised, and has been under the control of Chinese agents for the past two months. Zorn initiates Operation: Gordian Knot. At the trigger word "Abraxas", they are to assassinate the President.

The Phantom Stranger confronts Zorn. The President assembles a meeting with his National Security council. Tulin receives the trigger word. The three men set upon the President with knives, All Hell breaks loose, with the other cabinet members attempting to restrain the would-be killers. The President becomes wraithlike, with all murderous attacks passing harmlessly through him. The cabinet members forcibly restrain the three assassins. The real President enters the room. The Phantom Stranger saw to it that the President was unexpectedly called away, then cast an illusion of the President to thwart the assassins. Zorn is arrested.

The Terror And The Compassion

Frankenstein's monster's sleep is disturbed by cries of distress. Investigating, Frankenstein's monster comes across a lecherous man, trying to force himself on a young hitchhiker. Frankenstein's monster subdues the man, but the girl feints at the sight of the creature. Frankenstein's monster carries the girl into the woods for safety. The lecherous man drives his car into Frankenstein's monster. The collision knocks the man unconscious, and sets the car afire.

Frankenstein's monster pulls the man from the burning wreck. The girl flees through the woods. She comes across a satanic cult, in the midst of an unholy ritual. Accidentally snapping a twig alerts the cult to the girl's presence. The cult members seize the girl, and prepare to sacrifice her, in order to summon a demon from Hell. The lecherous man attacks Frankenstein's monster, while the screams of the girl fill the air.

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