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The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Frankenstein's monster has just rescued Rachel Adams from the machinations of a satanic cult. Frankenstein's monster leaves the unconscious form of Adams, in a chair, in the same room with the corpse of her dead husband, Victor. Frankenstein's monster intends to resurrect Victor, so that the scientist may suffer the Hell of Frankenstein's monster's existence. To that end, Frankenstein's monster sets off to gather the necessary equipment to restore Victor to life. Unbeknownst to the Frankenstein's monster, two demons, Flagermot and Pornipus, manage to escape into the mortal realm, trough the remnants of the cult's failed ritual. These demons violently take possession of Frankenstein's monster.

Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost-Breaker, maintains a vigil over his comatose wife, Marie. Thirteen vows to find, and destroy, the creature he holds responsible for Marie's fate, Frankenstein's monster. The Phantom Stranger offers Thirteen his support. The Phantom Stranger senses the presence of evil within the hospital. Frankenstein's monster ransacks the hospital for supplies. The Phantom Stranger confronts Frankenstein's monster. Frankenstein's monster strikes down the Phantom Stranger, only to be confronted by Thirteen. Though Frankenstein's monster does not desire Thirteen's death, the demons possessing him do. Frankenstein's monster is forced to throw Thirteen out the window.

The Phantom Stranger leaps after Thirteen, to try to save his life. The demons compel Frankenstein's monster to abduct Marie. Frankenstein's monster returns to the house. The demons compel Frankenstein's monster to murder Adams, with a laser device. With a Herculean exertion of will, Frankenstein's monster defies the demons, and throws off their possession. Flagermot possesses Marie body. Pornipus possesses the corpse of Victor Adams. Within their new vessels, the demons animate suits of armor, to strike at Frankenstein's monster. Destroying the empty suits of armor, Frankenstein's monster fights his way free, to confront the demons. Fire erupts from the floorboards, consuming Frankenstein's monster.

The floor gives way, causing Frankenstein's monster to fall through the burning floorboards to a lower level. The sinister laughter of the demons ringing in his ears. The Phantom Stranger, and Thirteen, track Frankenstein's monster back to the house. Constricting chains wrap themselves around Frankenstein's monster, and begin crushing the life from him. Frankenstein's monster breaks free of the chains, and throws himself at Pornipus. The impact nearly drives Pornipus from Victor Adams' corpse. Realizing the demons cannot endure physical pain, Frankenstein's monster seizes Marie's body, and throws Flagemot out the window. Thirteen catches his wife, little suspecting that she has been possessed by a demon. Flagermot brings a chandelier down on Thirteen.

The Phantom Stranger saves Thirteen's life. Thirteen empties his revolver into Frankenstein's monster. Frankenstein's monster seizes Thirteen, and prepares to murder him. The Phantom Stranger convinces Frankenstein's monster to stay his hand. The demons flee the house. Focusing the light of the full moon down upon the structure, the demons destroy the house. The Phantom Stranger, Thirteen, and Frankenstein's monster, carrying Adams, barely make it out with their lives. The demons attack with the light of the full moon again. The Phantom Stranger uses his medallion to reflect the light back on the demons, destroying them. Thirteen tends to Marie, as the Phantom Stranger and Frankenstein's monster take their leave of the scene.







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