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The Resurrection Of Johnny Glory!

The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. Death row inmate, John Glory, walks the last mile. Glory is executed for his crimes. Mister Tork, and Caddaver, claim Glory's body from the morgue. Glory's corpse is driven out to Massacre Mountain, and delivered to Cerebus, a member of the Dark Circle. Cerebus initiates the Rite of Resurrection, restoring Glory to life. Cerebus tasks Glory with murdering Chandu Gamal, the spiritual leader of a Middle Eastern country.

Arriving in New England, Gamal's motorcade is attacked by an assassin. The Phantom Stranger saves Gamal's life. In gratitude, Gamal asks the Phantom Stranger to ride with him. When one of Gamal's escorts protests, the Phantom Stranger has the man look deeply into his eyes, until all doubts about the Phantom Stranger's character are dispelled. Glory watches from the crowd of onlookers. At the hotel, Gamal snatches a medallion, depicting the Death-God, Sikiva, from around the neck of one of his guards.

Gamal's beliefs are in opposition to the supernatural, which has made him a target of the Dark Circle. Gamal's daughter, Indira, makes her entrance, on the arm of Glory. Gamal takes an immediate dislike of Glory, and forbids Indira from continuing to see him. Indira defies Gamal, and sneaks out of the hotel to keep her rendezvous with Gamal. Indira is presented with a rose, that gasses her into unconsciousness. Gamal receives a ransom note, informing him that his enemies have his daughter.

Gamal sends his security forces out to retrieve his daughter. Gamal also asks the Phantom Stranger to aid in, safely, recovering Indira. Mister Tork, and Caddaver, watch a pendulum blade swing closer, and closer, to Indira. The Phantom Stranger intervenes. After subduing the two villains, the Phantom Stranger releases Indira from her restraints. Left alone, Gamal is vulnerable. The Death-God, Sikiva, comes for Gamal. Refusing to give in to superstition, Gamal empties his revolver into Sikiva, to no effect.

Sikiva retaliates with the Serpents of Gorgon. The Phantom Stranger intervenes, neutralizing the Serpents of Gorgon with a counter spell. Sikiva is revealed to be Glory. The Phantom Stranger forces Glory to face the price for his resurrection. Glory recoils at his reflection in the mirror. Gamal suffers a heart attack. The Phantom Stranger refuses to let Gamal die. Glory returns to Massacre Mountain to exact his revenge on Cerebus. Glory hurls Cerebus into a spirit pool, which sets off a chain reaction that destroys Massacre Mountain. Once more, the Dark Circle has been defeated.

Woman Of Stone

Marie Thirteen enters an antique shop. The shopkeeper notices a shoplifter, and pursues her out onto the street. The shoplifter reveals herself to be the mythological Medusa. With a glance, she transforms the shopkeeper into stone. Marie recounts her tale to her husband, Doctor Terrance Thirteen, the famed Ghost-Breaker. Thirteen is dubious regarding the veracity of the account. Thirteen's investigation leads him to an archeological excavation site. Thirteen questions the foreman, Stavros Narcos.

A mad, elderly woman, Sevoula, accosts Narcos. She wildly rants that by selling the antiquities of the Gods, Narcos will bring their wrath down upon him. Narcos' wife arrives with lunch. Thirteen catches her when she stumbles, noticing a strange residue on her arms. Thirteen publicly makes it known that he has solved the case. After sending his wife away, Thirteen waits in his hotel room. Soon enough, the Medusa appears. Thirteen dodges the Medusa's attack, only to be set upon by Narcos.

Thirteen shatters a lamp across Narcos' head. As the Medusa closes on Thirteen, a local law enforcer appears, and draws his gun on the Medusa. The Medusa is revealed to be Narcos' wife. Using a gun that fired a compressed stream of potassium silicate, she was able to give flesh a stone-like quality. It was the residue from the gun that Thirteen spied on her arms. Though Thirteen has solved the "how" of the case, he is left to ponder the "why", as Narcos' motivation for the crimes are not clear.







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