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Eclipso psychologically tortures Doctor Bruce Gordon. The Phantom Stranger pulls Gordon back from the brink of madness. The Phantom Stranger bolsters Gordon's psychic wards, to shield him from Eclipso's influence. Gordon is frustrated with the Phantom Stranger's reluctance to battle against Eclipso. The Phantom Stranger has come to believe in the futility of opposing the oncoming "Age Of Chaos". The Lords of Order appear to the Phantom Stranger, offering him an end to his age-old task. At the last moment, the Phantom Stranger angrily defies the Lords of Order, refusing to turn his back on humanity in it's hour of need.

For his defiance, the Lords of Order strip the Phantom Stranger of his mystic powers. Outside the Russian Consulate, in Metropolis, intrepid reporter, Jimmy Olsen, waits for his informant. Olsen's contact confirms that Olsen is on the right track. Tensions continue to escalate between the governments of the United States of America and Russia. Seismic activity across the world continues to trigger natural disasters. A geological expert believes that the seismic activity is normal. Doctor Jenet Klyburn, of S.T.A.R. Labs, disagrees. Her analysis of the situation suggests a powerful outside force to be the cause of the world's disasters.

The Phantom Stranger, with Gordon, appears before Klyburn, to confirm her suspicions. The Phantom Stranger convinces Klyburn to join their cause. Lycaon preaches at the Temple of Divine Light. As fear grips the masses, Lycaon's followers grow. Unbeknonst to all, Lycaon serves the architect of the world's terror, Eclipso. The Phantom Stranger, Gordon, and Klyburn travel to Mount St. Helens. While clearing an area for the scientists to work, the Phantom Stranger is taken aback, when he accidentally draws his own blood, from a thorn's scratch. His newfound fragility fills the Phantom Stranger with unease. Using S.T.A.R. Labs technology. Klyburn locates the source of the seismic activity.

Using a solar laser, designed by Gordon, Klyburn travels into the volcano, to release the pressure in the Earth's core. The Phantom Stranger journeys to Hell, to confront the army of demons waiting to invade the mortal realm. Against hopeless odds, the Phantom Stranger valiantly fights a losing battle against the demons. Klyburn proceeds with her work. A seismic tremor pitches Klyburn into Hell. Though terrified, Klyburn levels the solar laser on the demon leader, and fires. The demon leader roars out, both in fury and in pain. Bolstered by Klyburn's courage, the Phantom Stranger fights his way free, to rescue Klyburn. The Phantom Stranger overloads the solar laser, destroying the demon leader. The first of Eclipso's three plans, to doom the world, has been thwarted.

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