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The Phantom Stranger teases the tale about to unfold. An eerie light formation can be seen in the night sky, simultaneously, over some of the greatest cities on Earth. A murderess commits suicide, leaping to her death from the Brooklyn Bridge. Her body, though, seems to vanish in the fog. The Phantom Stranger bears witness. Radical terrorists steal a rocket ship, with intentions of crashing it into Washington D.C. Their capsule, however, misses it's mark, splashing down in the mid-Atlantic ocean. Upon recovering the module, the terrorists have vanished. The Phantom Stranger bears witness.

On board a flight to Israel, the Phantom Stranger makes the acquaintance of a young woman, Lynn Berg. While waiting for her brother, Teddy, to pick her up, the Phantom Stranger has a premonition of death. Suddenly, two militant Arabs step out of the shadows, and hurl a grenade at a bus, driven by Berg's brother. Berg viciously assaults the Arabs, and slays them, in retribution for her brother's murder. As the last Arab dies, he releases a hand grenade, killing Berg in a second explosion. When the dust clears, however, no trace of Berg's body can be found. All that remains is an eerie light formation.

The Phantom Stranger follows the emanation to a pyramid, in Egypt. Here, the self-styled "Messiah Of Evil" is amassing an army fueled by hatred. From across the world, the Messiah of Evil has abducted those with murder in their hearts, to fill the ranks of his unholy army. Berg finds herself very much alive, locked in a cell, within the pyramid. The Phantom Stranger makes his presence known to Berg. The Messiah of Evil's guards come for Berg. The Phantom Stranger defends Berg, but succumbs to the guards' force fields, powered by pure corruption.

The Phantom Stranger is brought before the Messiah Of Evil. The Messiah of Evil reveals himself to be Tannarak. Thought dead after their least encounter, Tannarak was resurrected by ancient Gods of Hatred. Tannarak became the Gods' avatar on Earth, tasked with assembling an army of the damned, to conquer the world. The Phantom Stranger subdues the guards, then confronts Tannarak. By letting go of his own hatred, righteous though it may be, the Phantom Stranger is able to withstand Tannarak's power, and triumph over his foe.

The Phantom Stranger flees with Berg, deeper into the pyramid. They discover an ancient control center, activating it's defense systems in the process. The pyramid is revealed to be a starship. The ancient alien Gods of Hatred learn that mankind is not actually ruled by it's baser emotions. The ship begins to self-destruct. The Phantom Stranger gets Berg out, before the ship explodes. Tannarak is not so lucky. He, and his followers, perish in the ship's destruction. Though alive, Berg's mind has shattered from her encounter with the ancient Gods of Hatred. The Phantom Stranger soothes her fears, and carries Berg, in his arms, out of the desert.

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