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A Good First Issue

Story: 8.5

In Phantom Stranger #1 the story is pretty good. It introduce Raven, one of my favorite Teen Titans characters of all time, and when i saw that she was in the issue i wanted to buy it. While i felt that the story was cut short, and should have ended with more character development, it was still interesting, and i hope that they go back to this story soon.

Characters: 9.0

I loved all of the characters in this comic. It reintroduced Raven, one of my favorite characters, into the New 52 universe, and they did a good job with it. It also reintroduced Trigon and Phantom Stranger in this issue, and they made a lot of cool story options available in the future with these character. While the issue lacked in character development, they introduced characters that they could do a lot with in the future.

Art: 9.0

I thought that the art in this issue was good, and fit the style of the series well. Phillip Tan did a good job.

Verdict: 9.0

While the issue seemed short and lacked in character development, it introduced many characters that they could do many things with in the future, and it is getting me excited for this series.


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