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When Ghosts Walk!

This story was originally published in Phantom Stranger #1 (August, 1952). A synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

"The Hermit's Ghost Dog!"

This story was originally published in Star Spangled Comics #125 (February, 1952). A synopsis for this story can be found at the link.

Defeat The Dragon Curse... Or Die!

Doctor Terrence Thirteen, and his wife, Marie, call on some friends, Rosemary and Harry, in Chinatown. The shadow of an enormous dragon passes over their building, followed by an explosion. Thirteen's friends are killed, orphaning their infant son, Larry. The Phantom Stranger appears, pointing out the symbol of Ching Hi Fu, the dragon symbol of death, on the floor. Thirteen rails at the Phantom Stranger.

A police photographer enters and takes their picture. Thirteen, momentarily blinded by the flash, finds the Phantom Stranger gone by the time his eyes recover. The photographer is astonished to see no image of the Phantom Stranger in the picture. A Chinese man prays to Ching Hi Fu. The next day, at the celebratory grand opening of a new bank, the shadow of the dragon appears, once more, heralding a fire.

The Phantom Stranger appears. The strength of his calm demeanor prevents a panic. Thirteen confronts the Phantom Stranger. Marie sees the symbol of Ching Hi Fu on the wall. Smoke gets in Thirteen's eyes, concealing the departure of the Phantom Stranger. The Chinese man continues to pray to Ching Hi Fu. Thirteen refuses to believe a curse is responsible for the destruction of the two buildings.

Thirteen uses his connections to announce the grand opening of a new restaurant in Chinatown. Thirteen waits at the restaurant. The Chinese man enters the alley behind the restaurant. The Phantom Stranger tackles, then physically restrains him. The Chinese Man confesses to destroying the buildings, motivated by his disdain of modern structures being introduced into Chinatown. The Phantom Stranger disappears into the fog. Thirteen vows to expose the Phantom Stranger as a fraud.







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