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The name 'Phantom Limbs' was an ironic moniker, referring to the sensation an amputee has of still feeling their missing limbs. It also refers to the secretive nature of the group, as there are classic black ops, plausible dependability operatives. With the assistance of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Sarah Charles and her fiance DeShaun, maimed soldiers were given enhancements based on Cyborg's technology. Possession of these limbs, however, is contingent on their continued service to the military in general and Mr. Orr in particular. The Cyborg Revenge Squad tried to prevent Victor Stone from exposing Mr. Orr's Project M - and that mean executing Phantom Limbs, who ere living proof of the program. But Cyborg defeated the Revenge Squad and saved Phantom Limbs by initiating a backdoor program left by his father. This program made any cybernetics derived from Silas Stone's work compatible only with Victor's DNA. Sarah Charles and DeShaun also resigned from the project, setting back's Orr's developments substantially. This put an end to Project M - at least for now. Victor Stone, in an effort to insure that his technology would not be used for killing, replaced the Phantom Limb's deadly weapons with ordinary prosthetics. Unknown to Victor, Caleb Wilkerson used his adaptive camouflage to evade capture. With Caleb's surviving tech, this may not be the end of Phantom Limbs.

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