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The Phantom walks too quickly

This issue is part of a story line involving the "man God"  named Him, who inexplicably has captured The Phantom and pits him in a cage match against some bad guys and animals.   
The story uses flashbacks to the previous issues, and is done nicely where a new reader can pick up what is going on and that is always important.   
However a couple of Phantom's helpers way too conveniently discover some connections that Him has begun to implement in his schemes by means of computer tracking and way too convenient camera surveillance footage.   
The art is competent enough, and the Phantom has retained his original look, and I like the way he is drawn here.  The colors are also very nicely done, with appropriate backgrounds for interior and night scenes.   
There is a certain animal the Phantom has to fight which I won't mention but why it is in the jungles of Africa is a bit too over the top.    
Overall, though, if you're even the slightest interested in the Phantom, do get this issue and more, as I am going to do, it is a nice breezy detour from the regular super heroics of other characters.   Recommended although the cover price is not.
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