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Before Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

He grew up poor on the streets of china and was fascinated by fireworks. After a decade of studying them his fireworks demonstration was rejected due to his poor clothing. Outraged he turned the beautiful fireworks into a tool for evil and joined the Fiendish 5 as their Demolitions Expert

One day while Sly and his parents were at home, The Fiendish 5 attacked and only Sly survived. The Thievious Racoonus was split by the 5 and taken by each member.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

After obtaining his part of the book he traveled to the KunLun Mountains of Western China where he built a temple to cover his Demolitions Factory. He then told everyone in the neighborhood to pay Avalanche protection fees and if the people didn't he would use his fireworks to cause a avalanche burying the town and people.

By the time Sly came to fight him, the Panda King had learned his new Technique Flame Fu. The Panda King despite fighting really well gets defeated by Sly and he is brought to jail by Carmelita.

Sly 3: Honor Amongst Thieves

A few yrs later the gang go to find him in order to get his help in getting into the Cooper Vault. They find a serene person someone very different from the Panda King they had faced.

After getting him out of his trance they get him to join on condition they rescue his daughter Jing from the hands of General Tsao. Despite this deal both Sly and Panda King are highly against it(Sly for Panda King's killing his Dad and Panda King for losing his pride).

He is shown to respect Murrary's devotion to his van to the point that he helped him bring it home by covering him.

The Panda King is then called for his first mission and after getting his bad side to agree to help Sly, Panda King goes and destroys the Crypt where the vampires are coming from.

After the battle with Dr. M he moves 2 doors down from his daughter and screens all her suitors with his fireworks bazooka in hand. As of yet she is not married.

Powers and Abilities

Panda King has shown the ability to mix Martial arts and firework techniques very well into the technique known as Flame Fu. He also has his fireworks bazooka which can deal with multiple opponents at the same time.

It is also stated that he is super strong though it is unknown how strong.

He can also meditate wherein he does not need food, drink or sleep though apparently he does age during this.

It is stated that while Sly is more powerful than Panda King, that Panda King is the best person in the Cooper Gang to deal with multiple people.

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