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To Nick Terry, keeping the midwestern city of Yorkstown safe means that he must sometimes operate outside the law. Thus, when his police tactics fail, Nick heads for his Owl hideout on the top of a mountain and becomes the Owl.

Apart from judo and his unique crimefighting hardware, the Owl has no extraordinary abilities. He does have:

An airborne Owlmobile equipped with Owl-bombs and a black light ray which casts pitch darkness.

Ultrasonically controlled robot Owlos, which work like bloodhounds when given a trail of any kind or can be used to dive-bomb and distract adversaries.

The Owl's cape doubles as a parachute.

An Owl-gun, which shoots a "Ga-Ga Ray" that makes people act like owls.

Nick Terry is engaged to Laura Holt, who is also his crime fighting aide, Owl Girl.

The character was briefly resurrected in 1967 as part of Western Publishing's Gold Key line. The Owl's later adventures were written by Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of Superman.

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