starkiller809's The Outsiders #40 - Land's End review

Review: Batman and the Outsiders #40

After over a year of the Outsiders fighting each other, it finally come to an end. Batman is there and he will fix this war, but can he fix this series for a really good finale issue?
This issue has very few good things. One of them were the fact that it tells everything that has happened with them over their 5 series. I think that this was a really cool thing because it reminded me that the Outsiders were cool once. The art is really good in this issue. Past issues have been terrible but this delivers a finale amazing piece of art. Another good thing (This is going to sound terrible but,) is that this series is over. The Outsiders need to take a break or get some new writers. I'm going to miss some of these characters.
The bad started with this whole attack Markovia thing. It could have been really cool, but the way things were handled was not right. This issue sucks! Batman tells the history of the Outsiders and then he comes to Markovia tells Geo-Force it's over. Geo- Force gets mad blows up the place and everyone goes home. (It also reveals that Geo-force is crazy) This issue was a terrible end to a terrible run from a terrible writer. Sorry, it's very true though.
This issue leaves a bad taste of Outsiders in my mouth. Why would you want to finish a team that we may not see for a couple years like that! The art is good, story isn't and that's it. I wish I could rate this higher but I can't. If I just rated that art it would be a 4, but this story just takes it down too much. If you like good comics stay away from this (don't even look at it really) if you're a fan of the Outsiders, I wouldn't get this either. (Unless you have already got all the other issues. In that case just stick it out.)


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