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Review: Outsiders 39 0

Black Lightning is leading his team into Markovia in hopes to explung his and the teams criminal records. While Geo-Force is convinsing himself that he is doing the right thing.   THE GOOD: I really love seeing Batman coming back, even if it is only for 2 issues. In this issue we see a lot of questions some readers have probably wondered. We learn who is behind impersination Tera into making Geo-Force go crazy. We also see a lot of question answered about what is Geode and a few other character...

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Whatever Happened to The Outsiders? 0

The Good: The pacing is quite as big a mess as the last issue, and things are all finally coming together.I finally feel like, in the huge rivalry between Geo-Force and Black Lightning, neither of them are truly right. I feel like we were supposed to see that from much earlier on, and I did get a bit of that back in #28, but nowhere did I feel it stronger than in this issue, and it works well.All the snippets of infighting between the Outsiders is pretty cool, especially Owlman vs. The Olympian....

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What is this I don't even. 0

Finally, it is revealed who the big bad enemy of someone is. And his agenda is... something! It's all very confusing at this point.The Good:After you've sat through this, there's only one more issue ahead of you and you've successfully survived this book.It will forever serve as proof that Dan DiDio should not be left on writing duty as he managed to completely break an otherwise decent comic book within very few pages... and it all culminates here. This is Dan DiDio's magnum opus and it's a ...

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