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Review: Outsiders #38

Seeing Outsiders coming to an end will be hard for an Outsider fan, but an I absolutly going to miss this series... currently, no.



In this issue we don't learn a lot, but what we do learn, helps us understand what was going on in Issue 27 of the Outsiders. This issue explains that this, light man (I'm not sure they meantioned a name) has hired him and is getting help from this man names Herald (I though it could be the guy from Issue 29, but their names are spelled diffrently.). We also get some amazing fight scence with Black Lighning and Technocrat 5.0. We also get a few pannels of Grace and Thunder fighting Halo and Looker (Halo has no idea why they are invading Markovia) This issue also has me fairly excited for the next issue because I think that Black Lightning and Geo-Force are going to go at it again! I also believe that a few of Geo-Forces members are going to leave his Outsiders and go the Black Lightnings Outsiders.



This series has been a mediocre one for a while now. The story has taken almost a year to go anywhere and to see it finally go somewhere would be good, if it was a good story. The story isn't my biggest complain. My biggest problem with this Issue is the art. This might seem a bit drastic, but after reading this issue, I have come to the dissision that in my oppinion Keith Griffen is my least favorite artist. The action scences would be a whole lot cooler if you had some really good art work. I have never read a comic that the art has hurt the issue this much. Another slight complaint, this issue jumps around a lot. That's about it.



This series has done nothing great at all. With it ending at issue 40, I hope they give these charactes a break and come back and make them... interesting. I'm a huge fan of the Outsiders, so I'm going to stick it out till the end. But if you aren't an Outsider fan, don't read this. If you are looking for a good comic, don't read this either.


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