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Review: Outsiders 37

The Reign of Doomsday now continues onto the Outsiders 37. I didn't read Steel's One-Shot so I may not get it but... why is Doomsday all of a sudden trying to kill anyone with the S sheild? 
The really good part of this is that we can take a break from what is going on with the Outsiders and just enjoy something that doesn't really involve the two teams fighting. Some of the fighting scences are really cool and they make you wish there was a little bit more. The art is a style that I don't like, but it works really well to me in this issue.  
I didn't read Steel's One-Shot so I might be missing something, but there seems to be no plot. Doomsday was in a bad mood so he decided to kill people who wears an S on the chest. I don't really get it. The five pages that shows Black Lightning and his Outsiders was really pointless. You just got that the Outsiders don't like Amanda Waller and she dosen't like them. The fighting with Doomsday was cool, but you had to know not one of them stood a chance against Doomsday. The art is terrible to me. I think it works and there is something about it I like but I don't really like this art work. 
THE VERDICT: 1.5/5 (Terrible) 
The Outsiders has not been a series that people would want to read. Whitch is sad to me because I love that characters and the potential is there. However, we have seem little in plot divelopment in this issue. This is really nothing but a fight issue. It makes it worst because the last issue gets you ready for a fight between Geo Force and his Outsiders and Black Lightning. If you are a Outsiders fan and you need extra money, don't get this issue. You don't really learn anything important for issues to come. If you are couriouse about the Outsiders STAY AWAY from this issue. If you are reading Regin of Doomsday maybe this issue will be of use as the arc continues, but I don't see how it would.

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