starkiller809's The Outsiders #36 - New Year's Resolutions review

Review: Outsiders 36

After mouths of really nothing happening in this comic book series, I am happy to say that things are getting ready to go down. Geo-Force and his Outsiders versus Black Lightning and his Outsiders. 
Being a fan of the Outsiders, seeing them torn up like this hasn't been the best experience for me. But I think that things are looking up. In this issue we get reintroduced to Grace and Thunder. I really like the charcters which makes it 10 times harder when this series ends. I am glad to see them getting ready to do something that might reunit them or destroy them. I am just happy they are getting ready to do something.  
This whole entire thing with the 2 teams seems like such a werid thing. In this issue Geo-Forces sister comes and he reveals that he has been doing things for her. He got rid of Black Lightning and the others and now he is going to get rid of the others because he can't trust them. I really do think that he is going crazy. The art was nothing great either. I don't think it did much for the story, but the story isn't the best. When Amanda Waller comes and asks them to do these things to get full Amnesty, I almost felt that they are the new Suicide Squad. Why would she get them when she has a whole team at her use?  
I love the Outsiders. I love the charactes and everything about them, I am not liking what is going on with them. I also feel like this war going on in Markovia because of New Krypton is taking a while. I think New Krypton is a fairly old idea and they are still using. I just can't wait until they start doing things. I hope the Reign of Doomsday issue is good.

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