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Outside the realms of...Good

What happened to this comic? 
I remember eagerly awaiting to read Chuck Dixon's Outsiders, and then the subsequent fill in issues until Tomasi took now. Now we're left with this train wreck. The characters are barely recognisable, most of which barely get any dialogue in this issue. Characters are so far out of character in this series it's almost like reading the worst sort of Fan-Fiction. It's a blessing it's being cancelled. 
Anyway, lovely Dave Johnson cover reveals a surprise in the form of Joe Bennett artwork. Lovely. It's smooth and stylish and it conveys the poor script extremely well. The issue focuses around Black Lightning wanting to get in touch with his daughter, presumably to set up some horrific team-up event for the final issue where every outsider whatever was in the series that people care about (Wylde, where for art thou?) can turn up and have a badly worded chat. 
Anyway, Black Lightning and co crash in on Grace and Thunder, and Freight Train makes obligatory lesbian commentary. Hooray. He really is a very special and unique character. I am glad he is in existence. So, some conversation happens. Jeffson get's told off by Thunder who is very angry about previous plot point that makes zero-to-little sense. Randomly, Lightning and the JSA All-stars turn up to be out of character and start a fight with her Dad and take the Outsiders in. This makes sense because she wasn't around when Thunder tried to break her dad out of Prison when he did that accidental murder that wasn't a murder. This makes sense because there needs to be a fight in outsiders and family troubles is well bad, innit. 
Basically, that is the point of this issue. lightning turns up and starts a fight with the Outsiders that aren't mentalling it up in Markovia. It's not very good and the only decent thing about the issue is the artwork. Doctor Fate turns up as well, and at the end of the issue we decide it's all nice and good for the Outsiders to be on the run, and really, gosh, it was just silly to fight. 
Please, make this comic die. I will buy it for Bennetts artwork, but...God. It's horrendous. 1.5 stars for the fact that Bennett drew it, and without words it would look nice. Minus 4.5 stars because I want to punch myself in the fore-brain after reading.


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