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Homecoming (Spoilers) 0

After the events of the last few months you can't blame Black Lightning for wanting to have a reunion with his daughters. From being kicked out of Markovia, branded a traitor with his teammates by the United States government and experimented on by Simon Stagg it hasn't been a picnic for one Mr. Jefferson Pierce.  Traveling with Owlman, Freight Train and Metamorpho, Jefferson meets up with Thunder and her girlfriend Grace Choi. After a few moments of this reunion they're soon interrupted by his ...

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Outside the realms of...Good 0

What happened to this comic?  I remember eagerly awaiting to read Chuck Dixon's Outsiders, and then the subsequent fill in issues until Tomasi took now. Now we're left with this train wreck. The characters are barely recognisable, most of which barely get any dialogue in this issue. Characters are so far out of character in this series it's almost like reading the worst sort of Fan-Fiction. It's a blessing it's being cancelled.  Anyway, lovely Dave Johnson cover reveals a surprise in the form of...

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Never trust the sycopathic traitor who tried to kill the Titans! 0

Has Geo-Force learned anything from blackest night because it doesn't seem like it. Terra returns! Terra should have stayed dead but that just my opinion.  The JSA Guest stars kinda well yeah! so Black Lightnings Outsiders pay his daughter Thunder a visit and the family reunion is cut short when the JSA  attacks them because there public enemie shouldn't they be I don't know fighting actal villains just saying. Geo-Force wakes up and see Terra there who tells him not to trust his team and only t...

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Review: Outsiders 36 0

After mouths of really nothing happening in this comic book series, I am happy to say that things are getting ready to go down. Geo-Force and his Outsiders versus Black Lightning and his Outsiders.  THE GOOD: Being a fan of the Outsiders, seeing them torn up like this hasn't been the best experience for me. But I think that things are looking up. In this issue we get reintroduced to Grace and Thunder. I really like the charcters which makes it 10 times harder when this series ends. I am glad to ...

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