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 Batman, Katana and Black Lightning are investigating an escape at a maximum security prison.  Once Batman confirms his suspicions they link up with the other Outsiders on a plane.  Batman saw three sets of footprints merging back into one set.  He has Looker inform Windfall what this means.  

 How the Outsiders met Fusion

 Before Fusion

 Fusion After

Looker goes on to retell how the group learned about Fusion.  Fusion was sent by the Russian Government to free the People's Heroes from a jail in Mozambia.  The Outsider were also detained at this facility.  Fusion destroys the walls to the cell of the People's Heroes.  Then, the three men merge into one large man.  The large man, Fusion, leads the group to a waiting ship destined for Russia.  However, he does not board the plane.  He say he has business to tend to in America.  Shortly after their return to Moscow, the People's Heroes are informed they must stop Fusion.  Fusion intends to sabotage the relighting of the Statue of Liberty.  The People's Heroes are sent to New York City to team-up with their American counterparts, The Force of July
Geo-Force has obtained passes for the Outsiders to attend the relighting ceremony.  The group gets dressed-up and take a limo to the ceremony.   Fusion has enlisted a small-time terrorist group to assist with his plan.   The group hopes to attain world-wide notoriety.  

 1st Meeting

 The Force of July and People’s Heroes have a tense first meeting.   Neither group wants to work with the other.   However, they are both following orders.   The two groups change into civilian attire to check on suspicious activity at a warehouse.   Pravda confirms Fusion was recently at the location.   Pravda says she can trace Fusion’s mental pattern.

 Too many teams...

Gas! Gas! Gas! 

Meanwhile, on Liberty Island, Looker senses the presence of Pravda.   She alerts the other Outsiders.   Looker leads the Outsiders to Pravda and the warehouse district.   Halo surrounds the team with a distortion aura to render them invisible.   However, Pravda is able to alert the Force of July and People’s Heroes to their presence.   Geo-Force verbalizes his distrust and disdain for the two teams.   As the Outsiders face-off against the two government teams, one of Fusion’s men is observing.   The man runs back to inform Fusion.   While the teams continue to fight, Fusion arrives with some men.   They spray the area with gas that causes the teams to lose consciousness.    


 Teams United!!!


While the others are still knocked out, they are transported to a ship.   The ship also contains missiles intended to destroy the Statue of Liberty and the American President. Sickle and Katana are actually conscious. Sickle is able to remove a throwing star from Katana’s belt.   Katana uses this to free herself and disable the guard.   They free Looker and Pravda.   These two use their mental powers to wake the others.   The three teams work together against the terrorist group.   Hammer, Major Victory and Geo-Force confront the three individual men who comprise Fusion.   They attack before they are able to merge into Fusion.   Fusion is taken into custody.   The three teams get to enjoy the rest of the night.  

Back in the present, Windfall realizes if Fusion has escaped is most likely going to attempt to kill the President.


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