What Was The Point? *Spoilers*

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Why introduce potentially cool and diverse Aquaman character and then shame and kill her off a few pages in to the book?

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I assume you're refering to Kahina the Seer. And I definitely agree.The Others have been incredibly interesting so far and I think it'd be great to see a lot more of them in future Aquaman stories or if they maybe got their own series. Perhaps a series taking place in the past so that Kahina could be alive.

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I think they were more to show that there is MUCH more to Aquaman then just the Justice league and him being a hero. They show that there is alot about Aquaman that we still don't know and add a level of mystery to the character.

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I like all the Others. I think that would've made a really cool team book. It reminds me of what they did with the Kingdom in Batwing, showing that these superhero teams existed before the Justice League took the whole thing public.

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