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Orphan is a stray cat that accompanied the Spook Squad on a search of their friend, Pee-Wee when the strange happening of the rain of frogs occured. What started out as an odd occurance turned quickly into a dangerous dilemma when the demon frog ate Pee-Wee and Orphan's friend, Fluffy.

When they came across the frog, the dogs pulled at its demonic tongue while Orphan delivered the killing blow saying, "This is for Fluffy, you big stinkin' pile of crap". Orphan killed the demon frog, destroying its eye while the dogs severed its tongue, breaking the magic that held it together. When the great wise dog found out of their heroism, he invited them into "the society" as junior apprentices. He gave the title of watchdogs but gave Orphan the title of Watch-cat.

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