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17 Months Till the End 
When Carcass finally gets back to his refuge for the homeless he finds his charges slaughtered. He finds Bumpy, a young woman with green hair, dead and is incensed that she should be killed while he was away listening to a crazy white man.    He is then jumped by more of Saviors forces and uses his anger to defeat them with ease.                                           
Crush brings Childe to Savior. He has her put into a straight jacket for 'her own safety' and when she wakes she fears she is back in the asylum. He reassures her she is not and removes the jacket and explains his plans to her. She senses his aura is good and just and is confused by Gallows' negative description of his motives. She communes with the the spirit plane and discovers Saviors can cloud minds to his wickedness and decides she has to leave his house and seek guidance. She communes with her grandmothers spirit who tells her that help is coming and not to fear the wolfman.
Childe watches Vex and Savior make a pact but is unaware if vex knows what she is doing or not. 

The Equinox Counsel discuss their betrayal of Gallows having switches sides to aid The Savior in his quest to make the special talented the dominant race on earth.                 
Vex continues to receive visions of Antigone telling her she is a gate way and must cause chaos on earth. Savoir enters her room and finds her with wings of fire in the center of a massive maelstrom and is impressed by her immense potential for power. She knows who she is now and knows that Savior wants to use her powers. 
Oblivia takes Gallows' confinement to bed as a chance to snoop and finds he has detailed information on them all. She comes across something shocking. Theres only one way to verify it and it means breaking curfew and seeing someone she has sworn never to visit again. 
Serendipity arrives at Gallows' home and tricks Daniel into letting her in, pretending to be lost and afraid of the rioting. He walks in on Gallows and attacks him with a knife but ends up taking the blade in his own gut. Slaughterhouse bursts in and tackles Gallows and Daniel transforms into Rip but under Serendipity's influence but they struggle and Rip attacks both friend and foe. Carcass bursts in and is set upon by the possessed Rip.

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